Friday, May 17, 2013

                                          "When ROCK-STAR PREACHERS SPEW a FALSE GOSPEL"
                                                                      by Jennifer LeClaire

When preachers tour like rock stars, it´s no wonder sinners flock to stadiums. Of course, preachers holding stadium-sized events packed out with lost souls is awesome-unless those preachers present a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel that´s giving the assurance of heaven while sending people to hell.

I am convinced that too many people who claim to be Christ- followers are not really saved because too many false teachers and false prophets are propagating a "different gospel" centered on "another Jesus" (see 2 Cor. 11:3-4). I am convinced that many self-professing saints are going to sit right next to sinners in hell when it´s all said and done-thanks, in part, to rock-star preachers presenting a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel.

Especially in America, it´s easy to say, "I believe in Jesus." It´s called mental assent. I believed in Jesus before I got saved, too, but I was still on my way to hell. Many who have "accepted Jesus into their hearts" have responded to a "different gospel" centered on a false Christ. This gospel is mixed with compromise. This gospel is impure and defiled religion. This gospel offers a humanistic, self-help message that taps New Age principles.Indeed, these false teachers and false prophets are moving in a false anointing and presenting a false Christ. And it´s deadly.

Perverting the Gospel of Christ

This is not a new problem. More than 2,000 years ago, Paul wrote, "But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted-you may well put up with it!" 
(2 Cor. 11:3-4, emphasis added)

Church, why are we putting up with this false gospel? Why are we spending millions of dollars on books filled with heresy penned by false teachers? Why are people flocking to stadiums to worship another Jesus?

They have been deceived by the serpent´s craftiness. Their minds have been corrupted from the simplicity of Christ. The gospel is not difficult to understand, and it´s not difficult to recognize false doctrine if you are a student of the Word. But members of the lukewarm, apathetic, bless-me-only church are too lazy to open their Bibles and read Scripture for themselves. Members of the lukewarm, apathetic, bless-me-only church want to be spoon-fed a feel-good 20-minute sermonette rather than be challenged to die to self, pick up their cross and walk the narrow road. They've turned away from the real Jesus to another Jesus. Paul felt the same angst in his spirit that I feel in mine.

"I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed" (Gal. 1:6-9, emphasis added).

Fables and Fairy Tales

I´m also marveling at the masses that are paying to hear a different gospel, a perverted gospel-a gospel that will send them to hell if they embrace its doctrines. Some of those "gospels" insist there is no hell. Some of those "gospels" say we´re all going to heaven in the end. Some of those "gospels" give you a license to sin without penalty. False teachers are using familiar Scriptures to justify their stance, but they´ve essentially turned the Bible into a book of fables and fairy tales.

I don´t care who doesn´t like it. I´m taking the apostle Paul´s advice: "Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables" (2 Tim. 4:2-4).

When the Lord called me into ministry, he gave me parallel Scriptures  out of Ezekiel 3 and Ezekiel 33. I´m a watchman called to warn the  church. If I don´t open my mouth and people die in their iniquity-in their different gospel from another Jesus-some of the blood will be on  my hands (Ezek. 3:17-19). I don´t want any blood on my hands, and I´m  not going to shut up just because the false teachers-or anybody else-doesn't like it. 

 Does He Know You?

Here´s the rub. Jesus is come back to separate the sheep from the goats (Matt. 25:32). And I´m seeing too many goats sitting in the church saying amen to a false gospel centered on a false Christ.

Jesus put it this way: "Not everyone who says to Me, `Lord, Lord,´shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, `Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?´ And then I will declare to them, `I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!´" (Matt. 7:21-23)

They never knew Jesus, and Jesus never knew them. They were following another Jesus based on a different gospel that was more convenient to their humanistic lifestyle, tickled their ears and promised peace when
 there is no peace (Jer. 6:14).

 I shudder to think of the horror on that day, when masses who rushed  to the stadiums and megachurches to hear rock-star preachers (or even  no-name preachers in small congregations) present a hyped-up, watered-down, seeker-friendly gospel realize they´ve been duped. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And there will be suffering for eternity. God forbid. Let us pray that these false teachers and false prophets will be exposed and that discernment will rise among believers and non-believers searching for
the true hope of the real gospel. Amen.

I am putting this on my blog because I think it is so important, I have noticed a disturbing trend that says everything I do is covered by Grace.  These people are using Grace as an excuse for their apathy, their sin, their busyness, time not spent with God.  I am saying, "WAKE UP"  God will cover mistakes with Grace while He leads you to a place of repentance,  however, Grace does not cover your willful sins.  The article above was sent out by Charisma Magazine around the beginning of May.  If you do not already, I would suggest you check out the magazine on a regular basis.  I hope this article will lead you to double check what you are hearing with God's Word.  God's Heart Peace to All of you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pray, Talk, Beg and Cry

Because of a situation that has been on-going for several years in our family, I have lost respect for the most important person in my life.

I've talked, cried, prayed and begged for this person to step up and do the right thing. However, it is easy to take me for granted. It is safe to ignore me and not confront this other situation because my love is a sure thing and I don't cause as much trouble as this other situation. I now do not want to be around the one person I love most. We don't have much of a relationship at all because this other situation has been allowed to consume everything.

I know that I am not even close to the top of my VIP's list, I might be #10. Have I reached a point in life that because of circumstances I no longer want fellowship with my VIP?

All of this has given me an inkling of how much the Lord would like to spend time with me. Is this how the Lord feels about me? While I tend to turn to God in times of fear and adversity He is not first in many areas of my life. Am I apathetic in my desire to spend time with the Lord and only consumed with external situations? Do I take the Lord and His Love and His Grace for granted? Do I think I can treat the Lord and my loved ones any way I want and give them attention only when it is convenient, because I'm covered by Grace. How long do I think I can continue in this manner without correcting my behavior before the Lord allows evil to come into my house to get my attention?

It is spending time with the Lord for no real reason, but just because you want to, that allows you to hear God's voice.  You can't hear God's voice as easily when you are always in crisis or panic mode. You can pray and pray but if you don't listen then take the appropriate actions you have been told to do take, nothing will change.  Has the Lord spoken to you in that still small voice and you've ignored Him? Has He then had to resort to try speaking to you through those close to you and you've ignored them?

There comes a time when one must take a position that is not safe, politic or popular but you must take a stand because the Lord says it is right.  Will you let your household be destroyed because it was the easy path to take? When you follow God, He will bless you but when you don't follow God you will loose ownership of the land.  Will you loose everything for the sake of expedience?

On a lighter note, here are a couple photographs from 2 photo sessions with one of the joys of my life.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are you feeding your child's weaknesses and creating a bully?

It is our God given duty to train a child up in the way they should go.  Yet, as I look around me I see so many children and adults who are spoiled, demanding, temper tantrum throwing, violent bullies with an inflated sense of entitlement.  If their parents had disciplined them and given them boundaries immediately when they stepped over the line they would have created a safe and secure environment for that child to grow into a balanced, kind, and loving adult.  Weaknesses could be worked on and turned into strengths.  By not correcting bad behavior and just excusing it all the time you feed those bad behaviors and they become the dominate driving force that allows that child to bully everyone including the parent because they have been taught it is ok to treat people that way.

I know parents who won't take action because they are afraid they are going to loose the love and respect of their child.  What they don't see, but everyone around them do see, is that they do not have the love and respect of their child. They lost it by not enforcing boundaries and teaching that child that there are consequences to their actions.  I see grown "adults" bullying their parents and every time that "child" is negligent they blame it on the parent.  Then I see the parent fall into the role of victim. They make excuses for the "child" and start saying about how they (the parent) are responsible for the situation.   What a load of Crock!   That is classic abuser and victim mentality!

I used to say I never understood why people stayed with abusers and condemn them, until it happened to me.  I was fortunate in that I had been raised to believe I was better than that. I escaped, it wasn't easy and took time and the support of my family but, I learned my lesson and got out. I heard the voice of the Lord whisper to me constantly that the relationship I was in was wrong and toxic and damaging to everyone around me. My abuser isolated me and beat me up and worse.  But, because of the strong presence of the Lord in my life and a family who prayed for me and helped me as soon as I asked, I became stronger, I have empathy for those caught in toxic relationships and are being abused. I recognize abusers and victims and am often able to give them some encouragement that  will bring them closer to becoming free and follow the path God has called them to walk. This does not mean I have sympathy for them or tolerate toxic people in my life.  Because, I absolutely have no room for those type of people.

One of the things an abuser will do is take the object of their "love" and spread seeds of doubt about all the other people in their lives. They will start to doubt what they know about those who really love them.  On the surface an abuser is very charming and charismatic, you are drawn to them and don't even realize that they have taken over and are now controlling your life.   I am now seeing this take place in the lives of people I care about. It breaks my heart to see it.  I'm praying and fighting for them. I will see them fulfill the Call of the Lord on their lives!

On a lighter note, here is a photo of Shorty who recently placed in a glam pageant.  Not really, just a bit of photo fun, but, he was truly a good sport about it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are you smarter than a two year old?

I think a toddler can think a lot faster than me. My lovely Daughter-in-law told me recently she had to give the baby an m&m in the check out line at Wally world so she would quit screaming long enough for her to check out. The poor girl was frazled and needed a quick fix. I probably would have given the baby the whole bag. We all know how everyone starts standing on their toes and peering over the dividers made of candy to see why that baby is screaming and giving you the evil eye. Yes there is a lot of parenting info that gives us all those solutions to the screaming child and yes I know giving a treat to a screaming baby is not the best solution in the long run. But sometimes that baby is smarter than me in getting her way. And you know you have all resorted to the quick fix at one time or another. So let's hear it what was your guilty little secret quick fix?

Friday, October 1, 2010

We are all scared children inside

Book Review: Cliff Falls by C.B. Shiepe
I am a voracious reader and reading is one of my primary sources of fun and down time. So if the book doesn't reach me in the first few pages I do not waste my time. I found CLIFF FALLS to be an easy read and it touched my soul in a couple of spots that needed a light shone on them.

#1 No One Escapes Life and the grass is not greener in someone elses life. I need to be more content and thankful of where I am and what I have.
#2 It is too easy to get your eyes off God and on man. We so often find it easy to put fault on everyone but ourselves for our walk with the Lord. We put our leaders on pedestals then kick them when they fall off of them. They, like us are scared children inside. A primary lesson in this book was look to God not the men in the pulpit. What is your reason for being in a church body? Is it to serve God and others or to go where there is the biggest following and more money?
#3 we don't believe others will support us when we need it and that carries over into our relationship with God. We will follow a man and idolize him and not accept the loving Hand of our Father.

I found several underlying lessons in the story line of Cliff Falls and recomend it to anyone struggling with, "they have it easier than me" syndrome.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not Perfect, but Possible

The solution to a fight, an argument,difference of opinion,unthoughtfulness on the part of another person, unfair treatment, selfishness, egoism, disregard for another person's rights is not splitting up and finding other human beings to live with, but understanding what must be taught, time after time, through seeking to find solutions which are not perfect, but which are possible.

One lesson I tried to teach my children, from a very early age...was the fact that some things must never be said, no matter how hot the argument, no matter how angry one becomes, no matter how far one goes in feeling, "I don't care how much I hurt him or her."Some things are too much of a "luxury" ever to say. Some things are too great a price to pay for the momentary satisfaction of putting the other person down. Some things are like throwing indelible ink on a costly work of art, or smashing a priceless statue just to make a strong point in an argument. Saying certain things is an expense beyond all reason.

What is it that can never be put into words, which can't be erased and forgotten? What is it that one can resolve and succeed never to say during the lifetime of relationship with one person?

It is attacking the person in his or her most vulnerable, most sensitive, most insecure spot in life. It is pulling the rug out at a place where the other person felt there was a solid acceptance and understanding, without question. It is bringing up something from the other person's background which he has no control over and which carries with it painful memories of outsiders' lack of understanding. It is turning the one secure place in all of life into a suddenly exposed place of naked attack from which there is no place to run. At some point in the beginning of a relationship, it is of tremendous importance to decide inside yourself just what things are really "out of bounds," and to declare to yourself that you will never resort to say anything about; his or her big nose, deformities, lack of cultural or educational upbringing, and psychological fears or special weaknesses. Naturally it can't be too big a list, but there must be certain specific areas you rationally decide not to let "wild horses drag out of you." It is possible. It is a restraint that you can inflict upon yourself. It is a possible control. - Edith Schaeffer

I remember my mom would get after us if my sister and I called each other even so much as stupid. We were just not allowed to say things like that.I appreciate it as an adult because of careless comments by others to me. Some of those comments while in my heart I knew they weren't really true have changed my perception of myself in a negative way. It is important for all of us to guard our tongues. Think before speaking, think is this the way I want to be spoken to? - Pam

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takin' it Easy

I really need some taking it easy time, but it seems like only the dogs have that option around here. I want to know where are all the pictures I took of my art are! All of them are gone and now I'm having to redo all my photos. So between those 2 large projects and worries I'm trying to take David's business paperless. Getting David to sit down long enough to tell me what catagories to enter info in is like putting bamboo splinters under your fingernails. I've been sitting at my computers for days! And while sometimes I enjoy that right now the weather is wonderful and I want to be outside. I do have some trips scheduled for Wed and Thursday to take pictures and I hope to have something wonderful to post when I get back. Oops! now one of the printers is acting up...I'm really getting tired of having ink all over me.
Enough venting for now. This was originally added to the blog in Oct 2008. The above issues have been resolved. All Photos by Pam unless it says otherwise.

Easy open and seal bags my butt!

Who was the person who thought of the easy open and close bags that you get food in at the store? There is nothing easy about those things! If you are lucky you might get the little tear strip off without injury to yourself but then there is the problem that you accidentally tore thru the reclosable strip and now you can't reseal the thing and put it away you either have to transfer it to some other bag or put a clippy on it and hope that doesn't get knocked off. How about making those tear strips large enough to get a hold of with normal size fingers!
photo by Christina


Why do I think I need so many clothes? I only wear about 10 different outfits all the time! I think I am out of my mind! I just spent an hour cleaning out my closet because I ran out of hangers and I refuse to buy more. giggle, I'd rather be doing what edgy is doing in this pic - snoozin'. photo by Christina

Monday, January 12, 2009

email rudeness

What happened to a little common courtesy when emailing? I know that email has over all, taken the place of writing letters, I myself, use email a lot and love seeing a personal post when ever I open my program. However, I always have a salutation and a signature and try to make it as warm and personable as possible. It just seems to me that so many people today have either lost the knack of conveying warmth or are just rude. Their emails are terse and abrupt with no consideration of the people they are sending them to. They try to say they are just being businesslike but face it people, emails are not IM's. Remember you are sending an electronic extension of yourself. Try and make yourself a little more approachable. You can manage to make yourself seem warm and still be business like. It only takes a couple of seconds to add your salutation and signature, think about the person receiving the email.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Judging or Condeming

It occurred to me this last Sunday as I sat listening to the pastor speak, that many people confuse judging with being condemned. That's why they get all defensive and mean. Now, you do have to be careful not to cross the very fine line between the two. You could judge someonesactions then take steps to help them correct a mistake. Those steps could just be praying for the other person or it could be more proactive and you would have to actually talk to them and come up with a plan that would help them to overcome what ever is dragging them down. Be careful that you don't see a problem then go around talking about it to everyone in the guise of "let's pray for this person". That is gossip andcondemnation and you are just pushing them farther down a hole. And to top it all off you have put yourself in a position to be judged.

We still have to take a stand, be proactive, judge yourself, help someone, in the process you'll help yourself.

Should you be judged by how you voted?

Do you feel you are being judged by who you voted for? I think so many people were mesmerized during the last election and did not correctly judge their candidate. They have now aligned themselves with the morals and actions of their chosen candidate and now they are being judged for that action. The times we live in do not lend themselves to a "live and let live" philosophy. We need to be actively involved in our own actions and the lives of of family and friends. You can't withdraw and only look out for yourself. I am continually saddened and discouraged by the attitudes and " foaming at the mouth" liberals who are going around saying, we shouldn't judge when that is exactly what they are doing. It is also their way of not having to listen to anything they don't agree with. I can still love these misguided friends and family members. Yet, I feel like they are condemning me because I cannot agree with their beliefs. They have not adopted the live and let live attitude they profess to believe in unless it pertains to them. They want me to let them be but they don't want to let me be in fact they want to impose their attitudes and beliefs on me. Should I have judged the political candidates? Yes, that is every one's responsibility. Should I judge you because you voted for someone who promotes abortion? I'm not sure, but I am sure that I will be closely watching you and I will not put any trust in you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love the person, not the sin.

Should practicing Homosexuals be allowed in church? The Lord calls this an abomination. It is a sin. Now, should we condemn the person caught in this sin? Should we just ignore the sin? Should sin be talked about from the pulpit?

As I look around me today I am bombarded with tv shows, radio programs, advertising, all of them saying it is okay and indeed normal to be homosexual. I watch Christians react in 2 different ways, one they adopt the liberal, live and let live attitude (we don't want to judge anyone) which is really just hiding their heads in the sand or they condemn and kick the individual who is caught in this perversion, which doesn't help those who want help. I've watched parents whose children have declared they are homosexual try to overcome their pain and confusion by saying, "this is genetic, they can't help it, it is okay". If it were truly a genetic condition would God have called it an abomination, would he have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? There is now a new attitude that if you believe that homosexuality is a sin that you are just a back woods hick. Wake up, don't let someone with a snobby attitude make you hide your head in the sand. Speak up and do it with the love of the Lord shinning out of you. Let them see the Lord loves them and will deliver them and that it can be done. Homosexuality is the hardest of all the sins to come out of and stay out of. They need love and a lot of help by people qualified to do so. If you know someone caught in this perversion seek out a program or counselor where they can get help.

As far as allowing an individual who is openly and actively participating in sin to attend church..I say only if they sincerely want help and to get out of that lifestyle should they be sitting in your church. And they should not be part of the leadership in any form as long as they are in sin. You are to love the person, not the sin.

We need to stand up and say it is not okay to live this way, we need to hear from the pulpit the truth of what God says about sin. Are you afraid to take a stand because you might hurt someones feelings, step on their rights? What about your rights? How about being able to send your children to school safe in the knowledge that someone is not going to be teaching them it is okay that Johnny has two mommies or two daddies. How about being able to watch tv again without censoring every program for nudity, language and homosexuality? How about being able to speak your mind and not be blasted by someone who is imposing their misguided values on you? How about our right to live in a nation that follows God, as our forefathers intended? How about your right to lovingly say, what you are doing is wrong let me help you?

Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed, sin is still sin and God is still on the throne! He expects you to stand up for that which is good and pure and holy. Pray for our nation to turn from evil that God may heal our land.

Do we hold back because of fear?

Do you hold back sharing Jesus because of fear, embarrassment or persecution? I think that all the people who so adamantly insist you are judging them or being too critical are simply acting out of their own insecurity and sin and it is their way of getting you to shut up and not bring light into their lives. Yet, they are imposing upon you their views, lifestyles and sin. Why is it okay for them to behave this way and you are supposed to stand by silent. What they have done is bring darkness into your life because they made you stop sharing. Should we let people go to hell just so we won't have to put up with their confrontational behavior? Are you hiding behind an "I can't judge that person attitude?" I'm not saying judge the person, but judge the sin according to the Word. I'm also not saying wrestle someone to the ground and beat the sin out of them (although you might be tempted, giggle) I'm saying go to the Lord in prayer, ask Him what He wants you to do if anything about your fellow Christian who is about to step off of a cliff. Then do what you believe Him to be telling you to do. Sometimes, you will miss it but that is okay, we do miss it sometimes but the more you practice listening and doing what the Lord prompts you to do the less you will miss it. When you tell someone something you believe the Lord has put on your heart for them, they then need to take it to the Lord and wait on Him. There is great responsibility in the telling and in the receiving. I heard a bright and compassionate young man ask this question this week, "Are we distracted from our responsibilities during these times because we think Jesus is coming soon?" I think we are distracted and misdirected by a concentrated and subtle attack on our whole beings. I look around me and people are walking around like they are mesmerized. Wake up! Ask the Lord to open your eyes, pray for our land to turn from evil and return to righteousness, Claim your loved ones for the Lord. I for one will be waging war in the heavenlies for you and yours.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Judging or Standing up for what is right?

What is the difference between standing up for that which is good, righteous and Holy and judging someone? This is going to take several entries for me to get my thoughts down so here is the first one. First of all you are welcome to leave comments, however, make sure they are family rated and know that it is up to me if they will show or not. Also no anonymous comments will show, if you can't sign your name to it, don't say it! This is my blog.

I think it is my duty as a Christian to stand in public record for that which the bible says is good, and righteous and Holy. If I see you about to step off a cliff, should I adopt the attitude of, well that is your choice, I'd be judging you as stupid if I reach out and grab your arm to stop you. I think that I would be the stupid one to just let you fall. You may shake me off then turn around and still step out over the edge, falling to your death but, at least I said something. I didn't stand silently by afraid to speak up because I was going to get a lecture on "your rights". I'm sure by now you can tell I am not liberal nor do I subscribe to "letting everyone do their own thing" even when if it is only harming them. I think we've become a people afraid to stand up against a militant few and say to them, what you are doing is wrong, it is sinful, it is against God, you are harming yourself and others. It has become an imposition of some one's "rights" to share Jesus with them. Abortion is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, should I judge that person involved in those sins? No, I can still love that person, pray for them, share with them, yet still take a stand against the sin. I have some wonderful friends who have been caught up and some are still caught up in those very pitfalls. Their struggle is great and they know that I love them and pray for them but do not condone the sin. The good new is that God still loves them, Jesus weeps for them and intercedes for them and there is forgiveness for us all. We have become lethargic, caught up in what makes us feel good about ourselves and involved only in ourselves. We don't want to rock the boat, we want to hide like turtles in our shells and be left alone to do "our own thing", accountable to no one. I cannot allow the persuasive attitude of a few make me fear to draw a line in the sand and say, NO, I stand for that which is good and just and Holy, I stand for Jesus, I stand for the one true God. For today, ask yourself this, "Are you afraid to take a stand?" Because when you do, you will not be popular.

When do you draw the line?

Over the weekend I was talking (complaining) about a person who is always so rude to me. I've over compensated trying to be a friend to this person. There just hasn't been any reason to like them yet I react to them by trying to get them to like me. It's hard for me to understand why this person reacts to me this way I have lots of good friends and they like my flawed, opinionated self. My friend that I was complaining to said something that really got me to thinking, he said, that this person if very defensive about everything they do. And that really hit me, yes they are defensive and insecure and are unable to see themselves as the talented, pretty person that they are. Does this excuse their rudeness? NO! This behavior puts them on the short list of having friends, real friends. Another of my dear friends, while we were commiserating about this other persons behavior, exclaimed, "they are our spiritual sandpaper! But, who is theirs?" I think it is true that there will always be someone in your life who is your "spiritual sandpaper" but where do you draw the line? When do you say, enough? Am I doing them a favor by letting them treat not just me but others this way? I'm going to do my best to be understanding yet speak up if the door is opened for me to do so. Will I blast this person... no, I will treat and talk to them the way I want to be treated and I will keep praying for them that they will have the heart to understand and the ears to hear.
Many thanks to the 2 friends who "Opened my eyes" by showing me that I wasn't imagining the behavior and another helping me see another reason for the behavior!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Takin' it Easy?

I really need some takin' it easy time, but it seems like only the dogs have that option around here. I want to know where are all the pictures I took of my art are! And where my leatherwood house web site went. All of them are gone and not I'm having to redo all my photos. so between those 2 large projects and worries I'm trying to take David's business paperless. Getting David to sit down long enought to tell me what Catagories to enter info in is like putting bamboo splinters under your fingernails. I've been sitting at my computers for days! and while sometimes I enjoy that, right now the weather is wonderful and I want to be outside. I do have some trips scheduled for later to take pictures and I hope to have something wonderful to post when I get back. Oops! now one of the printers is acting up... I'm really getting tired of having ink all over me. Enough venting for now.

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