Monday, January 12, 2009

email rudeness

What happened to a little common courtesy when emailing? I know that email has over all, taken the place of writing letters, I myself, use email a lot and love seeing a personal post when ever I open my program. However, I always have a salutation and a signature and try to make it as warm and personable as possible. It just seems to me that so many people today have either lost the knack of conveying warmth or are just rude. Their emails are terse and abrupt with no consideration of the people they are sending them to. They try to say they are just being businesslike but face it people, emails are not IM's. Remember you are sending an electronic extension of yourself. Try and make yourself a little more approachable. You can manage to make yourself seem warm and still be business like. It only takes a couple of seconds to add your salutation and signature, think about the person receiving the email.

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