Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takin' it Easy

I really need some taking it easy time, but it seems like only the dogs have that option around here. I want to know where are all the pictures I took of my art are! All of them are gone and now I'm having to redo all my photos. So between those 2 large projects and worries I'm trying to take David's business paperless. Getting David to sit down long enough to tell me what catagories to enter info in is like putting bamboo splinters under your fingernails. I've been sitting at my computers for days! And while sometimes I enjoy that right now the weather is wonderful and I want to be outside. I do have some trips scheduled for Wed and Thursday to take pictures and I hope to have something wonderful to post when I get back. Oops! now one of the printers is acting up...I'm really getting tired of having ink all over me.
Enough venting for now. This was originally added to the blog in Oct 2008. The above issues have been resolved. All Photos by Pam unless it says otherwise.

Easy open and seal bags my butt!

Who was the person who thought of the easy open and close bags that you get food in at the store? There is nothing easy about those things! If you are lucky you might get the little tear strip off without injury to yourself but then there is the problem that you accidentally tore thru the reclosable strip and now you can't reseal the thing and put it away you either have to transfer it to some other bag or put a clippy on it and hope that doesn't get knocked off. How about making those tear strips large enough to get a hold of with normal size fingers!
photo by Christina


Why do I think I need so many clothes? I only wear about 10 different outfits all the time! I think I am out of my mind! I just spent an hour cleaning out my closet because I ran out of hangers and I refuse to buy more. giggle, I'd rather be doing what edgy is doing in this pic - snoozin'. photo by Christina

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Grandchild

This is our little sweetie, Kaylee at 3 months.
Never having had Children of my own was a decision I made when I was very young and playing with dolls. It occured to me that this was not an activity I enjoyed so I stopped. I can say that I have never really regretted the choice to not have children as I believe that not everyone should. I think that if it had happened I would have welcomed it and became a good mother. I have 2 grown step-sons, one who is married and he and his wife had this darling baby girl on my husband and I's 12th wedding anniversary. What a blessing to have a lovely daughter-in-law and now this grandchild. I've been taking pictures of her since a couple hours after she was born and these pictures are from her 3 month birthday. I take so many pictures that I think she will not recognize me if I do not have a camera attached to my face. I'm working toward being able to take even better portraits and events and I'll try and be more diligent in adding them to my blog.

New Type of Portrait

I did a series of these 12 x 12 portraits as Christmas presents. It was a lot of fun doing them and you 2 can have your child, spouse, or pet painted in this wonderful graphic style. Just email me thru my web site and I'll get a price to you.