Friday, December 5, 2008

Judging or Condeming

It occurred to me this last Sunday as I sat listening to the pastor speak, that many people confuse judging with being condemned. That's why they get all defensive and mean. Now, you do have to be careful not to cross the very fine line between the two. You could judge someones actions then take steps to help them correct a mistake. Those steps could just be praying for the other person or it could be more proactive and you would have to actually talk to them and come up with a plan that would help them to overcome what ever is dragging them down. Be careful that you don't see a problem then go around talking about it to everyone in the guise of "let's pray for this person". That is gossip and condemnation and you are just pushing them farther down a hole. And to top it all off you have put yourself in a position to be judged.

We still have to take a stand, be proactive, judge yourself, help someone, in the process you'll help yourself.

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