Monday, November 17, 2008

Judging or Standing up for what is right?

What is the difference between standing up for that which is good, righteous and Holy and judging someone? This is going to take several entries for me to get my thoughts down so here is the first one. First of all you are welcome to leave comments, however, make sure they are family rated and know that it is up to me if they will show or not. Also no anonymous comments will show, if you can't sign your name to it, don't say it! This is my blog.

I think it is my duty as a Christian to stand in public record for that which the bible says is good, and righteous and Holy. If I see you about to step off a cliff, should I adopt the attitude of, well that is your choice, I'd be judging you as stupid if I reach out and grab your arm to stop you. I think that I would be the stupid one to just let you fall. You may shake me off then turn around and still step out over the edge, falling to your death but, at least I said something. I didn't stand silently by afraid to speak up because I was going to get a lecture on "your rights". I'm sure by now you can tell I am not liberal nor do I subscribe to "letting everyone do their own thing" even when if it is only harming them. I think we've become a people afraid to stand up against a militant few and say to them, what you are doing is wrong, it is sinful, it is against God, you are harming yourself and others. It has become an imposition of some one's "rights" to share Jesus with them. Abortion is wrong, homosexuality is wrong, should I judge that person involved in those sins? No, I can still love that person, pray for them, share with them, yet still take a stand against the sin. I have some wonderful friends who have been caught up and some are still caught up in those very pitfalls. Their struggle is great and they know that I love them and pray for them but do not condone the sin. The good new is that God still loves them, Jesus weeps for them and intercedes for them and there is forgiveness for us all. We have become lethargic, caught up in what makes us feel good about ourselves and involved only in ourselves. We don't want to rock the boat, we want to hide like turtles in our shells and be left alone to do "our own thing", accountable to no one. I cannot allow the persuasive attitude of a few make me fear to draw a line in the sand and say, NO, I stand for that which is good and just and Holy, I stand for Jesus, I stand for the one true God. For today, ask yourself this, "Are you afraid to take a stand?" Because when you do, you will not be popular.

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