Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do we hold back because of fear?

Do you hold back sharing Jesus because of fear, embarrassment or persecution? I think that all the people who so adamantly insist you are judging them or being too critical are simply acting out of their own insecurity and sin and it is their way of getting you to shut up and not bring light into their lives. Yet, they are imposing upon you their views, lifestyles and sin. Why is it okay for them to behave this way and you are supposed to stand by silent. What they have done is bring darkness into your life because they made you stop sharing. Should we let people go to hell just so we won't have to put up with their confrontational behavior? Are you hiding behind an "I can't judge that person attitude?" I'm not saying judge the person, but judge the sin according to the Word. I'm also not saying wrestle someone to the ground and beat the sin out of them (although you might be tempted, giggle) I'm saying go to the Lord in prayer, ask Him what He wants you to do if anything about your fellow Christian who is about to step off of a cliff. Then do what you believe Him to be telling you to do. Sometimes, you will miss it but that is okay, we do miss it sometimes but the more you practice listening and doing what the Lord prompts you to do the less you will miss it. When you tell someone something you believe the Lord has put on your heart for them, they then need to take it to the Lord and wait on Him. There is great responsibility in the telling and in the receiving. I heard a bright and compassionate young man ask this question this week, "Are we distracted from our responsibilities during these times because we think Jesus is coming soon?" I think we are distracted and misdirected by a concentrated and subtle attack on our whole beings. I look around me and people are walking around like they are mesmerized. Wake up! Ask the Lord to open your eyes, pray for our land to turn from evil and return to righteousness, Claim your loved ones for the Lord. I for one will be waging war in the heavenlies for you and yours.

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