Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love the person, not the sin.

Should practicing Homosexuals be allowed in church? The Lord calls this an abomination. It is a sin. Now, should we condemn the person caught in this sin? Should we just ignore the sin? Should sin be talked about from the pulpit?

As I look around me today I am bombarded with tv shows, radio programs, advertising, all of them saying it is okay and indeed normal to be homosexual. I watch Christians react in 2 different ways, one they adopt the liberal, live and let live attitude (we don't want to judge anyone) which is really just hiding their heads in the sand or they condemn and kick the individual who is caught in this perversion, which doesn't help those who want help. I've watched parents whose children have declared they are homosexual try to overcome their pain and confusion by saying, "this is genetic, they can't help it, it is okay". If it were truly a genetic condition would God have called it an abomination, would he have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah? There is now a new attitude that if you believe that homosexuality is a sin that you are just a back woods hick. Wake up, don't let someone with a snobby attitude make you hide your head in the sand. Speak up and do it with the love of the Lord shinning out of you. Let them see the Lord loves them and will deliver them and that it can be done. Homosexuality is the hardest of all the sins to come out of and stay out of. They need love and a lot of help by people qualified to do so. If you know someone caught in this perversion seek out a program or counselor where they can get help.

As far as allowing an individual who is openly and actively participating in sin to attend church..I say only if they sincerely want help and to get out of that lifestyle should they be sitting in your church. And they should not be part of the leadership in any form as long as they are in sin. You are to love the person, not the sin.

We need to stand up and say it is not okay to live this way, we need to hear from the pulpit the truth of what God says about sin. Are you afraid to take a stand because you might hurt someones feelings, step on their rights? What about your rights? How about being able to send your children to school safe in the knowledge that someone is not going to be teaching them it is okay that Johnny has two mommies or two daddies. How about being able to watch tv again without censoring every program for nudity, language and homosexuality? How about being able to speak your mind and not be blasted by someone who is imposing their misguided values on you? How about our right to live in a nation that follows God, as our forefathers intended? How about your right to lovingly say, what you are doing is wrong let me help you?

Don't allow yourself to be brainwashed, sin is still sin and God is still on the throne! He expects you to stand up for that which is good and pure and holy. Pray for our nation to turn from evil that God may heal our land.

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