If there's one question that we veterans get more than any other, it's about stalls. We answer these every single day. So here is the skinny on stalls: THEY HAPPEN. You didn't do anything wrong. A stall after the first few days of great losses is almost a given. A long stall in the middle of the round is more common than not.

But rejoice! Stalls aren't a bad thing. I know they feel bad because you've been so good and have followed the diet to a T. But what happens is that you are gaining back some of the water you lost early on. So the fat THAT IS STILL BEING LOST is not showing up on the scales. I really believe those stalls help solidify the losses for when you get to P3 too. I see way more people upset about gaining in P3 when they rushed there as soon as they could because of that typical stall. They assume their body is done, but that's not the case.

So don't be fooled. Hold the course and don't let the stall upset you. It will break when it's ready to break. There is little you can do about it. You may read stories about having a handful of nuts or doing a mini steak day. But these things really don't work. It's just coincidence because the stall was about to break anyway. It would have broken no matter what you did. We get so desperate for it to break that we will try anything. Take your measurements. This will encourage you when you are in the middle of a stall. I have had 10 day stalls in the middle of every long round so I know how upsetting it can be. But put your sights on the end goal and know that you are getting there!