Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are you smarter than a two year old?

I think a toddler can think a lot faster than me. My lovely Daughter-in-law told me recently she had to give the baby an m&m in the check out line at Wally world so she would quit screaming long enough for her to check out. The poor girl was frazled and needed a quick fix. I probably would have given the baby the whole bag. We all know how everyone starts standing on their toes and peering over the dividers made of candy to see why that baby is screaming and giving you the evil eye. Yes there is a lot of parenting info that gives us all those solutions to the screaming child and yes I know giving a treat to a screaming baby is not the best solution in the long run. But sometimes that baby is smarter than me in getting her way. And you know you have all resorted to the quick fix at one time or another. So let's hear it what was your guilty little secret quick fix?


  1. When Christian was little and we had to go into a store like Target of Walmart, I would tell him beforehand that if he was patient and behaved well, he could choose a Hotwheel for his collection. They were only a dollar, and the excitement of getting that little car always worked. It was bribery, but it was worth it! ;)

  2. I did the before hand thing, too in that I told them if they behaved when we came out of the store everyone got an orange or if I was in the mood we'd get ice cream cones but sometimes I'd spring it on them. And whoever had misbehaved didn't get whatever the treat was. It was somewhat harsh but did it ever improve behavior. OK, and sometimes I've given the M&M when they went potty or something. hehehe

    BTW, found you from Pixels and Pix - she said you guys just finished a class with Jessica Sprague and I wanted to check out everyone's work. Good job!!