Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My weigh loss journey continued & January goals

I've made it to the 1/2 way point (day 14) on this round and my husband said he would take a photo of me at this stage.  So far I have lost  10.8 lbs and 16 inches.  Bless his heart, he said he did not see any rolls.

"hcg is a hormone that tells your body to use it's stored fat for calories. While on the low calorie diet you are actually getting around 2500 calories because you body is getting the rest from your fat." I am learning a lot about my body, the biggie is, am I hungry or just wanting to munch. Almost always, I want to munch.   
More next week.

I promised that I would share my goals for January and then what actually happened :)
One of the big goals was to get my husband to spend 1/2 hour per day on our taxes so we could finish by the end of the month and get rid of all the paper piles you see in the photos.  There are piles of paper all over in 2 rooms and more in drawers.  It drives me crazy! I can't even dust because I will mess up the "system".  The middle photo is my way of handling paperwork and taxes. 
 Scan, file, save and throw away extra paper

What actually happened is that in 14 days he has spent 1 hour. . . the month isn't over yet so maybe he'll pull an all nighter as we have 2 other companies to do taxes on also.

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