Thursday, January 17, 2013

My hcg journey - 3rd week update

I  just noticed that my fingers are not hurting.  For months now when I wake up in the morning, the joints in my fingers hurt and I have trouble flexing my fingers without pain.  It takes hours for my fingers to be flexible enough to work.  I was worried that I was developing arthritis. I did not have any swelling though. So I hadn't done anything about it or consulted my Doctor.  Yesterday while working on a drawing it occurred to me that my fingers had not been hurting for some time. 

Now this leads me to believe that my achy fingers are due to food. Something that I was eating was causing these symptoms.

One of the wonderful effects of hcg is that your body resets itself in several ways.  My cholesterol resets, and effects of food reactions are revealed and cleared up.

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