Monday, July 2, 2012

This morning, I glanced out on the deck and amid the construction debris I saw what I thought was a big round rock.  Now this is weird and I wish I'd taken a photo but I was so alarmed that I forgot and rushed out to rescue a large box turtle that was turned on his back. His little head was stuck out and he seemed so upset at his predicament. He or She hissed at me as I picked him up to place him back on the ground right side up.  Never having had a turtle hiss at me before I almost dropped him. I know he was scared but the hissing was soooo ungrateful.

The real mystery is how he got up on my deck.  At it's lowest point it is at least a foot from the ground and I don't think turtles can climb. My guess is that Mr. Fatso picked him up some where and brought him up on the deck.  For those of you who don't know Mr. Fatso is our pleagle, pitbull, lab, beagle mix. He also has more than one name, My husband calls him Duke and he has a secret name but he answers to Mr. Fatso.  I did notice him the day before rooting around in the rocks that are scattered around the deck.  How the turtle survived without damage is a miracle because our dogs can take out an armadillo without breaking a sweat.

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