Monday, September 9, 2013

Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate 

When reading Firefly Island I felt  like the main character Mallory could have easily been me. A career driven woman with a family that loves her and a dream job that she is willing to leave all behind for a man she loves. I like the mystery behind the small town, Moses Lake, her laughable "honeymoon" destination that is her new home. She quickly finds out that small town like is no much different than the politics of Washington, D.C. where she came from. Mallory has to learn to TRUST, which is hard for her but in the end is part of the beautiful reward she receives.

I asked my friend Hannah to finish reading this book for me and write the review.  I was only a third of the way thru the book (and enjoying it very much) when circumstances intervened that did not allow me to finish it in a timely manner. What I was able to read I found delightful and appreciated Lisa Wingate's style in bringing Mallory to life.  No matter what your age and where you are in your life we all have doubts when starting a relationship and trust in God is what brings us thru.  I recommend the book and hope you will make it a point to read it. I received a free copy from Bethany House for review.

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