Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 5 - lost 2.4lbs & 4"

At week 4 these pants which were tight just 2 weeks ago are now baggy in the rear and at week 5 I didn't even need to unzip them to get them on. They are now in my "fat" clothes. I've found one pair of  new jeans that next weeks photos will be taken in. And I will be going thrift store shopping soon for some new clothes.  Wooo Hooo!

Over all in the 5 weeks or 35 days of Phase 2 HCG I lost a total of 18.4 pounds and 29 overall inches.

I am still experiencing reshaping 8 days later but that story next week.  There was just no other way I've been able to loose the weight and keep it off since my 40's.  I highly recommend this process, it will work for everyone.

I saw a program Dr Oz did where he stresses that only injections under a Doctor's regulation will work. But, I do not agree, I felt that this was a way for it to be regulated by government and to make money.  I have found only a few Doctor's even followed the program, most made adjustments of their own that have made it difficult for some to keep the weight off.  My own Doctor has done several rounds herself but I found that by study and keeping up with others blogs and forums that had been successful that I ended up knowing more than she.  Don't get me wrong my Doctor is great, I just feel it is my responsibility to find as many answers for myself and not just take any one's word for it.  Dr Oz also stressed that only injections would work, which is untrue. I have successfully used RX drops each of my rounds.  There are a lot of false drops out there and you need to be sure you get yours from a reputable source and you will know very fast if you don't have real drops.  I would use injections if I ever do another round because I think that I would loose faster in my stomach area. I felt that with the sub lingual drops I lost faster in my upper torso. This is my personal opinion based on my experience.

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