Friday, February 1, 2013

Week 4 ended with 4.5 inches and 1.4 lbs lost

That doesn't seem like a lot of loss but just wait until next week's post!  What a difference one day will make!!  I've been checking things today like BMI which is down to 20.6 from 23.4 which is well into the acceptable range and my hip to waist ratio which is 0.7.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a healthy waist to hip ratio for women should not exceed 0.8.

I'm very satisfied with my progress and don't feel like I need to loose more weight but I want to be sure I get rid of the rest of the abnormal fat in the belly and back.  Either way I will be stopping for sure by next Tuesday. I do have the option of stopping any day now. I am upping my protein a little because it is inches I want to loose more than weight.  I know as I enter Phase 3 that reshaping will continue. And I am really tired of Phase 2 foods. It's scary to go into P3 because you are only restricted from sugar and starch so you have to be careful what you eat so your weight stabilizes.  More to come about P3 in the future.

I had my husband take photos this week so it is a slightly different angle but you can still see the difference in my stomach.  

My dear husband was going back and reading the first post of this journey and told me how amazed he was at the difference because he had never seen me as heavy.  I really appreciated that, however he wears tri-focals and I'm always asking him to take off his glasses and tell me how many fingers I'm holding up.  Ha Ha   He doesn't think it's as funny as I do.

I was going to post my update on Wednesday but I ended up editing photos all day of my session with my granddaughter Kaylee. Then I was going to get this posted yesterday but I worked all day at the Heartwood Gallery in Fayetteville, Arkansas and the internet connection was down there.  I did get photos of all the new works of art and got them edited so if you are not friends with me on Facebook please send me a friend request and lets get hooked up.  I'd also appreciate it if you would LIKE our Heartwood Gallery page. We have one of the oldest galleries in Fayetteville.

Here are a few photos from the session Christmas Dress.


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