Monday, December 19, 2011

Tee Shirt Scarves

My Art and Soul Group makes some sort of craft item a couple times a year but we are always looking for at least one gift we can make at Christmas time. This year Judi showed us how to make tee-shirt scarves.

I found that out of one X-large men's crew neck tee, without side seams, I could get 2 bracelets, 1 scarf and 8 circles (quart paint can size) for a flower.
If you have a rotary cutter it will make the job faster and easier.

Spread the tee out so that it is smooth and even. Cut about 1 inch apart thru one side of the tee but stop at least 1 inch from the other side. Do this for the body of the shirt and the sleeves see red lines.

Gently stretch each loop out it will turn into a string.

On one end choose 6 strings and cut one side only next to the top edge. Now you will have 6 long strings connected at the top. Separate by 2's and braid, when you reach the end leave about 8 inches of fringe and tie off the ends.

Now run your hand thru the middle of the uncut edge and gather together so you have one big circle and the single braid. Then grasp the end of the braid and loop it up making a shorter circle inside the large circle of strings.

You can then use the longest string of fringe from the braid to wind around the part gathered in your hand to bind it off. When you have covered the uncut edges then pull the end back thru to tie off.

You now have a tee shirt scarf!

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