Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Grandchild

This is our little sweetie, Kaylee at 3 months.
Never having had Children of my own was a decision I made when I was very young and playing with dolls. It occured to me that this was not an activity I enjoyed so I stopped. I can say that I have never really regretted the choice to not have children as I believe that not everyone should. I think that if it had happened I would have welcomed it and became a good mother. I have 2 grown step-sons, one who is married and he and his wife had this darling baby girl on my husband and I's 12th wedding anniversary. What a blessing to have a lovely daughter-in-law and now this grandchild. I've been taking pictures of her since a couple hours after she was born and these pictures are from her 3 month birthday. I take so many pictures that I think she will not recognize me if I do not have a camera attached to my face. I'm working toward being able to take even better portraits and events and I'll try and be more diligent in adding them to my blog.

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