Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Worship changes everything!  How true.  I got this book just as I had been asking the Lord to help me draw closer to Him.  To help me to seek HIM, spending time in HIS presence.

This book has helped me to define what I can do for God, starting just where I am, I don’t have to make things complicated. You will learn to have a greater heart for God and live a worshipful life, watching to say what the Lord would have you say. Your self-worth will be boosted as you begin to live a life of worship and see yourself 
as our Loving Father sees us.

This is not just a book for people who stand in front of crowds or church and sing this is a book for every person in whatever their personal walk is.  You can worship God in your job, your marriage, by cherishing your children, in times of desolation and in private.  Worship of our Creator is where ever we are in whatever we do, it is not just standing in front of church and singing a few songs. Worship is a relationship!

I received a free copy from Bethany House for review.

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