Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrift Store Adventures Continued...

Here is another of my Thrift Store Reviews:
Second Hand Rose on the Square in Harrison, Arkansas
 I love this store!  
The clothes were clean and well organized and since it is a consignment store you never know what goodies you are going to find at any given time.
 I found a lot more trendy clothes here plus plenty of items for every taste.
 I found these great leopard print wellies for only $20.  
And just in time for gardening season as my other wellies developed dry rot and needed replacing.  
Hmmm... maybe one of those cute flower pots would be a good way to 
re-purpose the old ones. 
 You know like you see on pinterest!
I also found 3 great tops even though you only see 2 here all for under $14 Yeah!
There was more than one dressing room and they were furnished so I had a place to set my personal belongings down and hang up the clothes I wanted to try. I did not bump my elbows on the walls while trying on clothes, which is a big rant for me in most of the places I've been in.  
The owner of this store will help you by pulling clothes (when she has time)
 if you tell her what you are looking for.  
Personal shopper baby! 

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