Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lovely gift from a lovely lady, Cathy Purcell

Don't you just love going to the mailbox and finding letters or packages?  It is always so exciting to find something that is not a bill or an advertisement trying to get me to sell my friends updated satellite packages!

I recently had one of these lovely experiences. In my mailbox was this wonderful package that when I opened it I immediately started thinking of the ocean.  It had that color of blue that I associate with cool days at the beach and little seashell accents on the card with a real starfish that I can add to my collection of shells. I was immediately feeling a little bit of peace and I hadn't even opened the package all the way to see what was inside.
Can you guess what was inside?  Have you already been to Cathy's web site and seen her scarves?  Well, my scarf is one of her hand painted 100% silk, she uses a Shiboni type of technique that makes it easy to care for. All you do is hand wash in cold water, line dry and iron on a silk setting.  Her scarves have gone through at least 3 washings at various stages so you don't have to worry if it get's wet! And it says forest to me!  I live in the middle of a forest on the side of a mountain and she so thoughtfully did a little research on me to see which of her designs would make a special gift just for me.  If you have not checked out her web site and gotten one of these wonderful scarves, I suggest you run, not walk over there right now.

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On this blog hop I have added a little freebie below that you can download and the instructions are in the post below this one.
Now, I have a SECOND freebie just for those of you on this blog hop if you go to my facebook page and LIKE my page, click on the freebies my tab and you will receive a set of 3 textures that you can add to your photos.  Instructions on how to use them are included.  There is an expiration date to the coupon so don't delay.

Thank You for participating in this extravaganza of creativity! If you would enjoy looking at my web site you can find my art  Here.

Liz Bradley

 You Came From Here
You Are Here
You are going Here

Stacey Curry

A Little Gift for You 

You can find both designs HERE as a little gift just for you.

I've used 4" x 4" tiles that are recycled from a bathroom remodel. I cleaned the edges up of extra grout by rubbing them on a concrete block, which is a lot faster than trying to scrape it off with a knife. Thanks David for the idea! Then I washed the tiles and laid them out on brown paper to protect my table top and painted a coat of mod podge on the top using a foam (disposable) brush. I already had my designs printed on card stock and trimmed. Then I centered them on the top of the tile and spread another thin coat of mod podge over the card stock design.

Make sure to brush only once and only one way or your ink will run

I then just placed a fan to blow over the tiles and dry them a little faster.
I had 3 good coats of mod podge (drying between each coat) on my tiles then left them to cure over night.
I used felt that I had left over from another project and traced around the tiles then cut out the felt, remember you want to cut inside your tracing as you want the felt to be just a little smaller than the tile. I used hot glue but you could use whatever type of glue you like to adhere the felt to the back of the tile. You could use cork for the backs of your tiles also.
I then tied them with ribbon added the gift tag which I made with the leftover card stock from my printed designs and I have some lovely gifts for the ladies in my art club! I drew these designs in CS5 Photoshop and made the papers on the creating tile myself. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 4 post on Jun. 15, 2012. Thanks again.

  2. Wow - what a gorgeous scarf!!! what a treat it will be to wear!! And you are so sweet to provide fun freebies for your readers!!! Such a fantastic gift as well!! Thank you so much for participating in the swap!!