Monday, November 21, 2011

My Mother-in-law is a treasure!

I love surprises and my Dear Mother-in-Law, Elida is always coming up with some thoughtful little gift that makes me feel so special. On our visit to Michigan this summer for my husband's 40th high school class reunion I received this set of kitchen towels and dish cloths. In my kitchen I have double ovens and I like to decorate by hanging colorful towels for the season over the handles. So now I have a new set from my ovens and to make it even more special I took a piece of brown scrapbook paper and using a calligraphy marker wrote familia then from my ribbon collection I added a green bow and a large headed white pin to attach it to the towel. I now have a wonderful memory and decoration that will last all the way until time for Christmas decorations which are coming up this weekend.

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