Friday, October 14, 2011

Fixing Kaylee's Baby

My Mom made this soft doll many years ago and I've saved it along with a few others. I keep them in a toy box for Kaylee when she comes over so she has her own box of stuff to play with and her mama doesn't have to pack up the whole house. I'm not sure how she did it (but 2 yr olds are stronger than the normal person) she tore the poor baby's arms off while dressing and undressing her. So Grandma to the rescue, 1st I had to borrow an upholstery needle from a friend that was 12" long ( I still had to put my glasses on to thread the thing!) then I found my strongest spool of fishing line and put the baby's arms back on. I did feel a little weird poking that needle thru her body but I am now confident that the arms will stay on. Well I hope so anyway... 2 year olds are really, really strong.

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