Monday, June 6, 2011

Japan Relief Blog Hop

Click HERE to download Kimono Quickpage. You can support Japan by clicking here and purchasing the complete Kimono Kit which consists of over 50 papers and 35 elements. The kit was a collabrative effort by the class of Art of Digital Design at
To use this Quick Page: download and save where can find it.
Open QP in Adobe Photoshop or Elements. Open photographs you wish to use.
Click and drag photos onto QP making sure they are under the QP layer. Then move and resize each photo using the move tool. You can resize photos by holding down the shift key and clicking and dragging photo by corner point. This will keep the photo in proportion. To tilt photo hover move tool around edges of photo until it turns into a half circle with arrows on each end. Hold down left click button and move photo into frame. After you have the photo positioned where you want it, Double click to set the move.
Adding Text: Make sure the QP layer is selected so that your text layer will come out on top of it. Click on text tool, make text choices then click on QP and draw out text box. Type text. Double Click move tool to set text. You can now move the text around.
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  1. Great that you wrote this explanation for the Quick page!