Friday, October 1, 2010

We are all scared children inside

Book Review: Cliff Falls by C.B. Shiepe
I am a voracious reader and reading is one of my primary sources of fun and down time. So if the book doesn't reach me in the first few pages I do not waste my time. I found CLIFF FALLS to be an easy read and it touched my soul in a couple of spots that needed a light shone on them.

#1 No One Escapes Life and the grass is not greener in someone elses life. I need to be more content and thankful of where I am and what I have.
#2 It is too easy to get your eyes off God and on man. We so often find it easy to put fault on everyone but ourselves for our walk with the Lord. We put our leaders on pedestals then kick them when they fall off of them. They, like us are scared children inside. A primary lesson in this book was look to God not the men in the pulpit. What is your reason for being in a church body? Is it to serve God and others or to go where there is the biggest following and more money?
#3 we don't believe others will support us when we need it and that carries over into our relationship with God. We will follow a man and idolize him and not accept the loving Hand of our Father.

I found several underlying lessons in the story line of Cliff Falls and recomend it to anyone struggling with, "they have it easier than me" syndrome.