Thursday, March 25, 2010

look who's 5 months old

14 inches of snow

It was amazing, I got up at 6am to get ready for church and was asking my husband if he thought that was ice on his truck but when we went outside it wasn't ice. The dogs water wasn't frozen but there was a fine dusting of snow as we watched Snow started coming down in huge flakes and fast. Within 10 minutes the ground was covered. I didn't take the chance of going to church and it was a good thing because they called about 7:30 and said it was snowing so hard on their side of the mountain they were calling it off so please send out an email letting everyone know.
The snow continued until late afternoon with about 14 inches before it stopped. Our power was out for several hours that afternoon. The snow was wet and heavy, perfect for making snowmen and David and I planned on making one when it stopped. However in the meantime campers had gotten stranded at Steel Creek and we seemed to have the only cabin left open so we shoveled the snow off the steps, it was still snowing so heavily that it covered the steps almost as fast as I shoveled. We helped the ranger get 5 people settled into the cabin. They ended up staying 2 nights. Deborah was running around in the snow and loving it she kept burying her nose in it and snuffling around. It was too dark to build a snowman by the time it stopped snowing so we thought we'd do it the next day. Well it melted so much there was hardly any snow left! Just a lot of mud. It was an utterly amazing winter storm on the first day of spring.